janeiro 07, 2009

Dakota Suite - The End Of Trying (2009)

Slow and sad.

"Evertonian frontman, started writing songs about personal tragedy and the ups and downs of EFC. People sat up and took notice so we have released several sides of music now. Can't see the real need for anymore music but I keep committing my thoughts to tape so they get released. We rarely play because I can't stand it really, too painful. I do like playing in Europe though its fun. Lots of press coverage from around the world but keeping it fairly low key as I work with offenders and that means more to me that the music unfortunately."

MySpace Release


01. One Day Without Harming You
02. This Failing Sea
03. Hands Swollen With Grace
04. A Quietly Gathering Tragedy
05. All The Love I Had Was Not Enough
06. Very Early One Morning Nn Old Road
07. The End of Trying-Part i
The End of Trying-Part ii
The End of Trying-Part iii
The End of Trying-Part iv
11. Een Langzaam Lekkende Wond
12. The Night Keeps Coming In
13. How Could You Let Ge Ho
14. Second Hand Light
15. Things We Lost Along The Way
16. Z-cars


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