novembro 30, 2008

Kamera - Ressurection ( 2007 )

"The first Kamera album contains some great pop gems, but this new album, appropriately named “Resurrection”, is a more evolved effort. And even though you might be forgiven if you think you’re listening to New Order when the opening song starts, it’s a damn fine follow-up.Uptempo, guitar driven radio pop is mixed with synthpop, and Kamera always delivers the catchy. “I Was Made for You”, “Talk About” and the Pet Shop Boys-ish “I’m Gonna Be Your Lover” make up a neat electro pop trio towards the end of the album that fulfills my longing for sweet tunes.
The singles from the debut album got quite a lot of radio play here in Sweden, and I would say that chances are pretty good this time around too. It might be too cheesy for some at times, but hey, we can’t all be tough guys with goggles and army boots."
Release Magazine

"Growing up in the shadows of super-groups like The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode, one can become heavily influenced by a certain type of aesthetic. Fashion, intrigue, and romance become core virtues, and the music is wrapped tightly around a visual style that enhances the experience with a rush of sexual, sensual emotion. For most bands, these are nothing more than fleeting moments in time. KAMERA have captured something different. "If you listen to the radio here in Sweden, you'll hear maybe six or seven bands in the course of an hour that sound like Dexys Midnight Runners," jokes Carl DeLorean, drummer and chief lyricist for Kamera. "That's been trendy for a long time now. It's either about being very indie or very pop, but we're a bit in between." Kamera was formed back in 2000 by DeLorean, singer Joakim Hjelm, and bassist Kit Balance as a dynamic juxtaposition to the vapid Stockholm suburb they all inhabited."
Kamera Style Release ( read more )




3Like a Drug

4TV Lights

5Love Surrounds Us


7I Was Made


9I'm Gonna Be Your Lover

10I Lost Control

11Another Sign of Love

Zombie Zombie - A Land For Renegades (2008)

"While not in the same ball park rhythmically as fellow duos Justice and Daft Punk, A Land For Renegades is no less inventive than either's finest works, making Zombie Zombie a crucial addition to the collections of experimental electro fans"
Drowned In Sound ( read more )


Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (5:41)
I'm Afraid Of What's There (4:17)

Guitar [Additional Guitars] - Jay Friction
A Land For Renegades (9:25)

Guitar [Additional Guitars] - Yaya (4)
Interlude (0:54)
What's Happening In The City (3:30)
Before Night Falls (4:42)

Vocals [Additional Screaming] - Chloé (6)
Jay Rules (2:50)

Guitar [Additional Guitars] - Jay Friction
Psychic Harmonia 2 (4:09)
Texas Rangers (5:36)
Nightclubbing (3:17)

Composed By - David Bowie , Iggy Pop
When I Scream You Scream (8:05)

Cat Power - Dark End Of The Street EP ( 2008 )

"Another round of mix-tape ready covers from Cat Power - with these leftovers from the Jukebox album sessions taking in Creedence, Otis and The Flying Burrito Brothers amongst others. As with Jukebox itself, this record provides something of a mystery. While the song choices are more in keeping with my personal favourites than the previous album, the delivery is just plain predictable. Marshall gives a perfectly acceptable delievery of every song, but adds little personality to the originals and just sounds like a lounge room crooner - leaving you to think, "what's the point?".


1. Dark End Of The Street (James Carr, Aretha Franklin)
2. Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
3. Ye Auld Triangle (The Pogues)
4. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (Otis Redding)
5. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention)
6. It Ain’t Fair (Aretha Franklin)

novembro 29, 2008

Cut Copy - Lights & Music (2008) Single



01 lights & music (radio edit)
02 lights & music (superdiscount remix)
03 lights & music (boys noize happy birthday remix)

novembro 27, 2008

The Chinese Stars - Listen To Your Left Brain ( 2007 )

"At only nine tracks long,
Listen To Your Left Brain is wise not to outstay its welcome: this hi-hat-heavy brand of dance-punk has been done almost exponentially to death already, however discordant this outfit’s guitars from time to time. All swaggering hips and dribbling lips, the songs unfold in a thoroughly sticky manner – ‘Bored With This Planet’ is a first-listen highlight, its bass line filthy in the extreme. It’s the sort of song no man alive would be able to resist dirty dancing to." Drowned In Sound ( read more )


1.Drugs and Sunshine
2.Cold Cold Cold
3.Left Brain
4.All My Friends Are Getting High
5.Bored With This Planet
6.Shake Off the Nurse
7.Teeth Marks
8.TV Grows Arms
9.The Drowning

64 Revolt - Aim For The Flat Top (2008)

Electro-pop from Sweden.


  1. C.A.P.I.P
  2. Neat Girl
  3. Next Generation
  4. Alice, Sweet Alice
  5. Moving Backwards
  6. Rebel Day
  7. Second Attack
  8. Analog Abomination0
  9. Hurricane
  10. Last Day In Life
  11. Martyr
  12. Resurrection
  13. Defender
  14. Radical People
  15. Vastly Superior To Humans

Boy Kill Boy - The Stars And The Sea (2008)

"For Boy Kill Boy, Stars And The Sea really is their make or break record. Debut album Civilian may have sold well initially, but critical indifference and a lack of quality material at the time seemed to relegate the band to also-ran status before they'd even had chance to check the spikes on their running shoes, let alone leave the starting blocks. Their legacy is not so much forgotten, then, but was never really signed or sealed in the first place."
Drowned In Sound ( read more )


1. Promises
2. No Conversation
3. Be Somebody
4. Loud And Clear
5. Paris
6. A OK
7. Ready To Go
8. Rosie's On Fire
9. Kidda Kidda
10. Pen & Ink
11. Two Souls


Tenebrous Liar's - Last Stand (2008)

"The band's second album, Last Stand, at times recalls the miserable post-punk of Joy Division and occasionally the lo-fi indie of Slint's brilliant Spiderland."
The Skinny


01 Blood Moon
02 Pretender
03 One Last Time
04 Hunch
05 Doomed
06 Sour
07 All That You Know
08 Alight
09 One Way Love
10 Tenebrous Liar
11 Last Stand

Shock Cinema - Hell and Highwater (2008)

“Nestled somewhere in between the spitfire art punk of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the quirky Portuguese pop of Os Mutantes, lies Brooklyn start-ups Shock Cinema. The album title is accurate, chainsaw guitar work, eerie synths and cryptic song titles…They’ve got this scratchy fire about them, captured all the best in the all-French cut “Art of Noir,” that careens erratically under your skin, itching to flurry up your most punkish arm flailings. Catch ‘em now, while they’re still angry.”

“Here’s a band headed for big things: Shock Cinema. Their tight, punchy 30-minute EP is one of the most electrifying debuts we’ve heard this year, a blistering mix of punk, power pop, electronica and even a bit of dub.”


1 Leviathan
2 Oddfellow
3 Albatross
4 Wax Wings
5 Atlas Shrugged
6 Mutineers Reconsider
7 Infinity
8 Lone Islands
9 Dead Sea

The Name - Older (2007) Single

The Name é um trio brasileiro de Post-punk formado no interior de São Paulo. Com uma sonoridade próxima ao The Sound e outras bandas da época, "Older" é um dos registros mais impressionantes surgidos dentro do estilo na América do Sul. O single é composto por 3 faixas . Destaque para a faixa título "Older", com guitarras certeiras e refrão bem trabalhado.

Brazilian Post-Punk.

"Formed in 2006 by Andy (guitar and vocals), Molinari (bass) and Alves (drums), they launched their first EP, called "Gone", with five songs. This work gave them a great acceptance of the public, magazines and music critics worldwide. So, an year later, in December of 2007, they released a new single, called "Older", with two new songs and the "Older" live version recorded for the television show "12 Horas no Estúdio" exhibited by Multishow cable channel."
Trama Release


01 - Older
02 - I Wish
03 - Older (Trama Session)

novembro 26, 2008

Justice - A Cross The Universe (2008)

"A Cross the Universe sports both a live CD and a DVD film, which documents Justice’s first North American tour and is directed by long-time Justice collaborators So-Me and Romain-Gavras. Also, the set includes a booklet of fan-submitted photos, which Justice asked fans to send their way late this summer.
In related Justice happenings, the guys have a few more DJ dates in Canada later this month, hitting up both Toronto and Montreal."
Exclaim ( read more )


1. “Intro”
2. “Genesis”
3. “Phantom Part 1”
4. “Phantom Part 1.5”
5. “D.A.N.C.E.”
6. “D.A.N.C.E. Part 2”
7. “DVNO”
8. “Waters of Nazareth (Prelude)”
9. “One Minute to Midnight”
10. “Tthhee Ppaarrttyy”
11. “Let There Be Light”
12. “Stress”
13. “We Are Your Friends (Reprise)”
14. “Waters of Nazareth”
15. “Phantom Part 2”
16. “Encore”
17. “NY Excuse”
18. “Finale”

Zoo Brazil - No Place Like Home (2008)

"Zoo Brazil has been the current nom de studio of Stockholm based DJ and producer Jon Andersson since 2002, joining his previous projects Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars and Outcold. Zoo Brazil follow a deep techno path, with generous nods to trance. Working with partner Johan Emmoth, No Place Like Home follows on from Zoo Brazil Needs You and Video Rockets with another offering of warm hearted, ice cold music. The sleeve, a woman crushed by a mirror ball, signifies the release's intent – you too may soon, ironically or not, be bludgeoned with beats. "
BBC ( read more )


01. Ten Inch Nails
02. Technik
03. Sputnik
04. Shadow Dance
05. Professional Panda
06. Oh My
07. My Fire
08. Brown
09. Boxed
10. Birds
11. Back to Back
12. Anakonda

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

Raphaël - Je sais que la terre est plate [2008]

Indie-pop en français. Parfait!


01. Le vent de l'enfer
02. Je Sais que la Terre Est Plate
03. Adieu Haïti(feat.Toots)
04. Le Petit Train
05. Sixième Étage
06. La Jonque
07. Quand C'est Toi Qui Conduis
08. Concordia
09. Tess
10. Les Limites du Monde
11. Transsibérien

Cold Cave - Painted Nails ( 2008 ) Single

Electro-synth-indie from Pensylvannia. Minimal and hot. Great stuff!


A1 Sex Ads
A2 I’ve Seen The Future And It’s No Place For Me
B Always Someone

novembro 25, 2008

The Heavenly States - Delayer (2008)

"Oaktown’s The Heavenly States may wear their pulsating hearts on their sleeves, but I’ll take earnest power-pop liberalism over bored mall-punk any day. From their self-titled 2003 debut to their recent Black Comet, the bands arch wordplay and jagged composition on tracks like “Pretty Life” and “Borderline” have been as compelling as they have been hilarious. Remember, these left-fielders signed on Hardware Wars creator Ernie Fosselius to direct their video for “Car Wash.” So, yeah, they’re well-versed in the intersection of entertainment and absurdity, political or otherwise. (For more on that score, check out their hilarious Flash short Osama bin Lozenges on YouTube. It’s a riot.) This advertisement of the Heavenly States’ artistic agenda was indeed paid for by the L.A. Weekly. But I would have given it to them for free, if they couldn’t pay."
LA Weekly


01. Morning Exercise
02. The System
03. Lost In The Light
04. Make Up
05. Sun Chase Moon
06. BUtterflies
07. Roses
08. Pretty Life
09. Never Be Alright
10. Pathway Dreams
11. My Little Friend
12. The Race

NEW : Kalenko - Two (2008)

Post-punk revival from England. Like Editors and Interpol. Great!


01 - Damski
02 - Devil

Black Strobe - A Remix Selection (2006)

"The nine Black Strobe remixes coming next will be known to anyone remotely familiar with post-electroclash trends on the current underground house and techno scenes, mostly because their formula is – let’s face it – pretty much always the same. They superimpose their martial and (not-always-subtle) EBM-enhanced beats on top of the original work (the way they abuse Sweet Light’s own delicate ‘Abusator’ is the closest you’ll ever get to the aural equivalent of anal rape) while keeping the pop elements of the vocals and adding a few oscillating bleeps here and there. Smagghe and Rebotini are at their best when they allow the influence of early Warp stuff (think Sweet Exorcist, Forgemasters, even Tricky Disco) to shine through their two-tone melodies and industrial atmospheres: The Rapture’s pulsating ‘Sister Savior’ and David Carretta, The Hacker & Millimetric’s ‘Moscow Reisen’ detonation (French electro’s own self-absorbed ‘We Are the World’) are the most perfectly realized – and efficient – examples of the Black Strobe work ethos. More Mark Bell, less Twiggy Ramirez, then."
Resident Advisor ( read more )


01. Shining Bright Star - Black Strobe, Rebotini, Arnaud
02. Ghost Track - Black Strobe, Schmalbach, Jochen
03. The Biggest Fan - Black Strobe, Martini Bros
04. Sister Savior - Black Strobe, Rapture
05. Something to Do - Black Strobe, Gore, Martin L.
06. Moscow Reisen - Black Strobe, Almato, Martin
07. Like Eating Glass - Black Strobe, Bloc Party
08. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight - Black Strobe, Arbright, Stuart
09. Keine Lust - Black Strobe, Schnieder, Christop
10. Abusator - Black Strobe

Lykke Li - Youth Novels [2008]

Produzido por Björn Yttling, Youth Novels revela vários pontos de contacto com alguns projectos oriundos da Suécia, nomeadamente com a banda do seu produtor (os Peter, Björn & John, pois claro), ou ainda com os Taken By Trees (ou seja, Victoria Bergsman, ex-The Concretes). Estamos claramente no campo da pop, mas distantes das vertentes electro-clash que caracterizam muitos projectos suecos recentes. A pop de Lykke Li é chique e elegante, sóbria, serena, mistura traços de soul, folk e electrónica. Contrariamente àquilo que se poderia prever - e apesar de haver três ou quatro canções com grandes potencialidades comerciais, nomeadamente as excelentes "I'm Good I'm Gone", "Complaint Department" ou "Breaking It Up" -, este é um álbum até bastante downtempo e contemplativo ou não abordasse ele um período emocionalmente complicado da vida de Li (o fim de um relacionamento). Por isso mesmo, esperem-se canções de amor apaixonadas e sofridas, geralmente entristecidas, mas também alguns momentos mais sorridentes e de cabeça erguida. A sua voz é outro dos pontos fortes: jovial sem ser imatura, por vezes sensual, frágil, doce, ternurenta, mas segura também... enfim, há ali qualquer coisa de misterioso e fascinante..."
Plano Alternativo ( read more )


01. Window Blues
02. Time Flies
03. Breaking It Up
04. Complaint Department
05. This Trumpet in My Head
06. Hanging High
07. Little Bit
08. My
09. Let It Fall
10. I’m Good, I’m Gone
11. Dance Dance Dance
12. Melodies & Desires

The Holidays - When The Ship Goes Down EP (2008)

"In respect to our main aim when starting a band, which was nothing other than to play music we enjoy, we have been pretty successful; we like at least half of the stuff we play. By other parameters I don't know, but we've been lucky enough to tour with some great artists like Jamie T, The Wombats, The View, Ben Kweller and others, and these kind of experiences don't come along every day.
We've just released our second EP, in an effort to continue the success of the first, while we prepare to make our debut album. Things are already happening and styles are emerging that might surprise some and please others, but on the whole I think we're looking good. We've been touring pretty hard lately and hopefully some of you outside the major cities have had a chance to see us. Over the next few months I hope that those who haven't caught our show, do, whether it be at a big festival, or a sweaty little club show near you. We like to think that 9/10 times we can put you in a better mood, why not."
Myspace Release


01.When The Ship Goes Down
03.Take Your Own Advice
04.All The Girls
05.The Comeback

Pretty & Nice - Get Young (2008)

"Tucked away in a basement somewhere on the outskirts of Boston, there is a secret lair filled with motley recording equipment, and a neatly organized cache of guitars, synths and other flashing electronics. The stockpile of gadgetry is owned and operated by three young gentlemen who call themselves Pretty & Nice. "
Myspace Release


01. Piranha
02. Tora Tora Tora
03. Pixies
04. Peekaboo
05. Nuts & Bolts
06. Hideaway Tokyo
07. Grab Your Nets
08. Solar Energy
09. Gypsy
10. Wandering Eye

Alaska in Winter - Holiday (2008)

"After spending half a year in an east Berlin flat, Brandon Bethancourt (AKA Alaska in Winter) awoke one afternoon after a 16 hour-straight dance party from the previous weekend only to discover that there on his computer, was a fully finished, and totally rad new album.
Yes indeed... Brandon has no recollection of how that music got there on his laptop other than vague fragmented late night memories that involve synthesizers, lasers, berliner pils, haus musik, and possibly some singing... but regardless, Brandon pretty much had so much fun, and miraculously, an album came out if it some how... and Brandon's pumped about it... and you should be too!
Alaska in Winter's 2nd album, "Holiday" will be hitting your eardrums like a german techno party subwoofer on November 18th."
Myspace Release


1. We Are Blind and Riding the Merry-Go-Round
2. Berlin
3. Speed Boat to Heaven
4. Highlander pt.1
5. Highlander pt.2
6. Knorrpromenade
7. Streetgang pt. 1
8. Streetgang pt.2
9. Keep Your Boots Clean and Everything You Step on is Dirt
10. Close Your Eyes Remix

Soldout - Cuts (2008)

Electroclash from Brussels.


1 The Call
2 The Last Ride
3 The Box
4 One Word And The Next
5 Build It Up / Knock It Down
6 Silence
7 Mysteries
8 The Cut
9 Come On (Part 1)
10 Come On (Part 2)
11 The Darkest Night
12 Midnight Express
13 The Shape Of

The Little Kicks - EP (2008)

"Despite claiming to be influenced by Radiohead, The Little Kicks still manage to make upbeat disco-rock. Lead singers Steven’s voice does emcompass Thom Yorke’s drawl, but he’s got a bit of Richard Ashcroft and Luke Pritchard to him too. Mixed with Smiths-like melodies it’s pretty fresh-sounding stuff. And their talents don’t end there; after a support slot on the Rakes’ 2006 tour, the Aberdeen boys even found time to run teir own club night, the Dirty Hearts Club, which runs in Aberdeen, every Thursday from 10pm.”


1. Don't Give Up So Easily
2. It All Comes Out In The End
3. Who Do You Love?
4. One More Time
5. One Thing That I Need (Bonus Track)

novembro 23, 2008

Modfunk - Emofunk (2008)



01 Cashback 5:03
02 Cut Your Soul 4:04
03 Texmex 4:03
04 Respef 3:44
05 Needles Killer 3:29
06 Possibility For Significant Other 3:37
07 Rack Bhayo Ni Ho Bro (Feat. John Webb) 3:59
08 Showtime (Feat. Zdar) 4:11
09 Love Machine 3:53
10 We Got Game (Demon Remix) 6:21

Dutch Uncles - Dutch Uncles (2008)

New wave from Manchester.


1. Jetson
2. Takeover
3. Feargoo
4. Steadycam
5. Twelfth
6. Loved Rat
7. Face In
8. I Owe Someone For Everything
9. Wild St.
10. Doppelganger

novembro 22, 2008

NEW: The Killers - Forget About What I Said (Bonus Track)

"Forget About What I Said" é uma das melhores faixas de "Day and Age". Agitada, com pegada de festa new wave, recorda a sonoridade do debut "Hot Fuss".


01 - The Killers - Forget About What I Said (Bonus Track)

novembro 21, 2008

Klee - Berge Versetzen (2008)

Amazing band from Germany. Electro-indie-rock-pop.


01. Zwischen Glauben und Vertrauen
02. Zwei Herzen (Original Version)
03. Wie Weit
04. Weil Es Liebe Ist
05. Weine Nicht
06. Du und Ich
07. 7 Schritte
08. Ich Lass ein Licht an für Dich
09. Königin
10. Offene Wunden
11. Mein Vertrauen
12. Berge Versetzen
13. Wie das Wetter

Second Sex - Petite Mort (2008)

Punk from France. Cool!


01. Petite Mort Part.01
02. We Lost Control
03. Mon Autre Cot
04. Jai Couch Avec Le Diable
05. Im Ready
06. 21 Grammes
07. Heartattack
08. Is She Allright
09. Dis Moi Qui Je Suis
10. Baby Doo
11. Fille Facile
12. Im Waiting
13. Lick My Boots
14. Le Monde Est Silencieux
15. Stay
16. Petite Mort Part.02

CallmeKat - Fall Down (2008)

"next stop is the full-length album, recorded with friend and keyboard wiz Daniel Fridell in his studio in copenhagen. it's called 'fall down'.
it was recorded over quite a bit of time, while falling in love with sounds from beautiful keyboards, ugly keyboards, old bass guitars and drums and whatever else was sitting around the room and in the computer. sometimes a sound wasn't any of those places. then we'd create it. that's more fun anyway. there's a beat made of a noisy chair and pixie noises that are really just the sound of an old very blue organ, artificial mice dancing on the table and playing percussion or other instruments in their own subtle way, and much much more."
Myspace Release


1. Do Your Trick
2. Not Awake
3. My Sea
4. Sweet You
5. When Should We Go
6. Drawn Directly
7. Flower In The Night
8. By The Lake
9. Toxic
10. It Seems
11. Sleepache
12. Fall Down
13. The Lovecats

Miami Horror - Bravado EP (2008)

"Finally, the "Bravado EP" is set for release on november 15th through EMI/Virgin Australia. 5 tracks of love, disco, beach punk and horror."
Myspace Release


01 Don't Be On With Her
02 Summerfest '86
03 Make You Mine
04 Bellevue
05 Illumination

novembro 18, 2008

Bridges and Powerlines - Ghost Types (2008)

"The members of Bridges and Powerlines met in New York City in late 2005. Geographically diverse in their upbringing, they had spent their formative years glued to nineties college radio. Drawing heavily from a set of musical heroes that included Guided by Voices and the wistful Elephant Six Collective, they worked to set themselves apart in the crowded NYC music scene.A debut EP followed shortly, bearing many stylistic references to the post-punk resurgence that gripped New York. Meeting with critical acclaim, the energetic record was described as "an exhilarating racket," (sixeyes) and "a taught example of why [bridges and powerlines] should be added to your list of bands to watch." (
The success of their EP attracted producer Chris Zane, who had helmed recent breakout records by Les Savy Fav, White Rabbits and Asobi Seksu. The band spent much of 2007 writing and recording and further developing their sound. The completed 11-song record is equal parts nineties-style indie-rock, psych-influenced harmony and analog synth intricacy." Myspace Relase "energetic, sharp indie rock songs." Washington Post


1. uncalibrated
2. floods and fields
3. the golden age
4. the thieves they are everywhere
5. half a cent
6. middle child
7. the ghost types
8. new mexico
9. the great fire
10. the maine
11. the last equation

The Plastic Pals - Good Karma Café (2008)

Indie sueco cheio de estilo e referências 80's com algo de 60's. The Plastic Pals tem um pé no Television de Verlaine. Só que mais acelerado. Já "Good Karma Café" é um trabalho uniforme. Algumas faixas tem certo potencial para hits, como
"Here Comes The Sun". Mas, é em"Suicide Bomber" que a banda voa mais alto através do vocal demente e a quase psicodelia das guitarras.


01 Here comes the sun
02 She's going back
03 Long and lonely
04 The best kept secret
05 Gone with the wind
06 Good Karma Cafe
07 Shadow of a dream
08 Suicide Bomber
09 Theres Wind on the moon
10 Lets pretend this isnt true

My Name Is George - Black and Blue (2008)

"My Name Is George has only one aim and that is to make you happy... Their debut album, titled WOW!, contains 12 feel-good and make-you-feel-even-better gems in the best rock'n'pop tradition, inspired by forty years of rocknroll history and yet still firmly rooted in the modern world of music. My Name Is George adornes its vintage shake-your-ass rock with sweet background chanting, crazy synth sounds and roaring guitars, which all magically come together to create their typical, powerful sound. This debut album by one of Europes most promising upcoming bands is sure to make some waves and will leave nobody untouched. Bring on the summer... "
Myspace Relese


1. Why won't U B my luv?
2. Mary-Jane
3. You're no good
4. It's good to be lonely
5. Radio
6. C'mon c'mon
7. Making the best of a hopeless situation
8. The undertaker
9. (I'm in love with) Emily
10. Flowers (when I'm gone)
11. Honey B
12. Dancing in the fire (Free falling)

novembro 17, 2008

NEW: The Killers - Human Remixes (2008)



01 Human (Radio Edit)
02 Human (Ferry Corsten Radio Edit)
03 Human (Armin Van Buuren Radio Edit)
04 Human (Stuart Price Club Mix)
05 Human (Ferry Corsten Club Mix)
06 Human (Armin Van Buuren Club Mix)

Kinski - Down Below It's Chaos (2007)

"I've heard just about everything that Kinski has released to date, and to my ears they've always seemed like one of those groups who is a couple good songs or a couple nice twists and turns from creating something that's stellar. They've been prolific, releasing an average of a full length a year since their debut came out in 2001 and they've put out a split release with the somewhat like-minded Acid Mothers Temple along the way. They've always flirted with some seriously head-tripping spaces on their releases, and for my money their best work is the excellent Airs Above Your Station (their debut for the Sub Pop label)."
Almost Cool (read more)


01. Crybaby Blowout
02. Passwords And Alchohol
03. Dayroom At Narita International
04. Boy, Was I Mad!
05. Argentina Turner
06. Child Had To Catch A Train
07. Plan, Steal, Drive
08. Punching Goodbye Out Front
09. Silent Biker Type

White Lies - Death (2008) Single

"Death" é o nome do novo single do White Lies. Melhor impossível. Sombrio e desasjustado. New Grave in hype!

The name of White Lies' new single is "Death". Outstanding. Dark and awkward. New Grave in hype!


1. Death (Album Version)
2. Death (Crystal Castles Remix)
3. Death (Haunts Remix)
4. Black Song

novembro 16, 2008

NEW: Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2008) Single

Na rota do próximo album, o Franz Ferdinand solta mais um single, "Ulysses". A faixa traz aquele estilo indie-rock retrô com algumas influências de synth 80's e refrões poderosos, como o habitual.

01 - Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

NEW: Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene (2008) Single

Quinteto inglês de Londres formado em 2007. Trabalham uma linha de indie rock com influências de post-punk e brit-pop. Red Light Company lançou somente 3 singles e o debut será para 2009. "Scheme Eugene" saiu na Europa em 3 de novembro e recebeu comparações a bandas já estabelecidas, como Editors e Arcade Fire.

"Red Light Company were formed in 2007. Richard Frenneaux (vocals/guitar) was born in England and spent his formative years in Australia and New Zealand. Shawn Day (bass) is from Wyoming, the least populated state in America, but was born in Osaka, Japan. James Griffiths (drums) is from Bridgend in Wales, Paul Mellon (guitar) is from Motherwell in Scotland and Chris Edmonds (keyboards) is from Maidenhead.
Richard and Shawn met on the Internet after Shawn saw an advert posted by Rich. It was Tuesday afternoon, the band had a gig in London on the Friday, Shawn heard future single Scheme Eugene and emailed Richard “I want to play my bass in London. I don't f*ck around.” Richard replied immediately and Shawn made immediate preparations to fly to London. Upon arrival, Shawn was unable to provide proof of sufficient funds for his intended length of stay in the UK and was detained for six hours at Gatwick. The immigration officer finally agreed for the band to meet with Shawn, specifying he catch the first flight back to America the following morning. Shawn adds “We all jumped into the van and had an unplugged audition and then onto the pub where Richard and I both agreed there would be no guitar solos. The next day I flew back to America. A long month passed in Wyoming, I sold everything I owned before my visa was finally approved and I returned to the U.K for round two.”
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01 - Scheme Eugene
02 - Bahnhof Zoo

Team B (Beirut & Arcade Fire) - Team B (2008)

"Several A-listers from Arcade Fire, Beirut and LCD Soundsystem have broken away to form a newfangled offshoot. Dubbed Team B, the band are the new musical endeavour of Arcade Fire trumpeter Kelly Pratt, and also includes fellow Arcade Firer Richard Reed Parry, Beirut’s Jon Natchez and Perri Cloutier, and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney, all of whom make the group seem more than just a little super. "
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1 On My Mind
2 Hang Me
3 Tons of fun
4 Mystery Man
5 No purchase necessary
6 Redd's Opus K607
7 Misma
8 Empty Hallways
9 Life (Remix)
10 Salad Days

Mt Sims- Happily Ever After (2008)

"The dark side of danceable rock is the forte of Californian trio Mt. Sims . With a few club hits under their belts they continue their journey through the dirty alleys of indie rock, having been shown the way by such famous forefathers as the Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie, New Order and The Cure. Happily Ever After comes to you with cheerful tunes like Grave , The Bitten Bite Back and Tightrope . Main man Matt Sims has enough power in the lower register of his vocal capabilities to cast a shadow over his fans. No wonder that he moved to Berlin, a city that evokes death, dance and decadence."


1. Happily Ever After
2. Grave
3. Playing For Keeps
4. Dig It In
5. Love's Revenge
6. Continuations
7. What's The Big Deal?
8. Andy or Jenny
9. The Bitten Bite Back
10. Hotwater/Coldblood
11. Window Window
12. Tightrope

novembro 15, 2008

Computerclub - Before The Walls Came Down (2008)

Outstanding songs. Great voice and music thru pictures! Wow!

"Epileptic strumming and robotic vocals form the essence of computerclub.....these guys clearly have the tunes to be more than waster wannabes"
Mischa Pearlman
The Fly

" I Like The Music On That But What I Think Makes It A Bit Special Is The Vocals, Something Really Quite Poignant About That" - Steve Lamacq's take on Computerclub
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1 Glorious
2 Before The Walls Came Down
3 Your Enemy
4 Some Kind Of Love
5 Beat Connection
6 Reykjavik
7 Tremble
8 This Is On Fire
9 Stop
10 Fragile Minds
11 Turn The Lights Out
12 If Only We Both Knew This Is True
13 Electrons And Particles (Bonus Track)

The Subs - The Subculture (2008)

"The Subs are Jeroen De Pessemier aka Papillon (singer/producer), Wiebe Loccufier aka Tonic (half of dj-duo Starski & Tonic, heirs to the Culture Club-throne, as they took over the residency spot at the infamous Ghent club from 2 ManyDJs and The Glimmers) and Stefan Bracke aka l’entrepreneur (splits his time between deejaying with The Subs and fronting his raverockband Foxylane).
The past months, The Subs have enthralled audiences with a live show comprising of a unique set up: 2 deejays and a man behind the microphone/synth. No hiding behind laptops - The Subs take the sweaty punktrashfeel to the dance stage - they work those machines! With gigs at Dour Festival (B), Pukkelpop (B), Social Club (Paris), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Fabric (LDN) and Club Low (Madrid) having secured the band's live reputation, this Fall sees The Subs dropping their hotly anticipated debut album.
The Subs are not your average 'let's mess around with some analogue machines' band. They fought with the machines until a consistent album, a true body of work, came about. Papillon being the songwriter-half bred on landmark nineties dance-albums from the likes of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Underworld, and Tonic being the dj/producer with a passion for brand new underground releases and innovative sounds, The Subs had made an album with songs lurking underneath the sounds. (There's even a mellotron on the album - we kid you not, the retrofuturistic instrument the Beatles used on 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'!)
'Subculture' is a dance album that you can listen to in your car. In your living room. In your bed room. Anywhere. The mood is intense and brooding. It's a down-right dirty stunner with both euphoric peaks and melancholy-melodic moments."
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1. Music Is The New Religion 4:32
2. Kiss My Trance 5:03
3. Papillon 4:50
4. My Punk 5:04
5. Albatross 4:30
6. In Cold Blood 6:39
7. Breathe 4:44
8. Fuck That Shit 5:27
9. From Dusk Till Dawn 6:34

The Weeks - Comeback Cadillac (2008)

"The Weeks, out of Mississippi, aren’t your father’s southern rock band. You can catch bits of boogie, shards of blues-y vamps in the corners of this hard-charging debut, but infused with a desperate, angsty energy that’s almost punk. Consider the title track, track, a staccato barrage of shouts and dual guitar riffs. There’s a manic, terrified edge to singer Cyle Barnes’ voice, as he yelps and sprays the words, a wreckless surge forward in the drums battered about by his brother Cain Barnes. Guitar riffs start and kickback like machine guns, two of them, locked in combat (Sammy D on lead, Chaz Lindsay on rhythm). It’s an impressive show of force, and when the whole thing judders to a halt with the observation “Girl she was gone and my heart stopped beating,” you feel like you’ve been through a wringer.
The tension abates considerably in the ballads—“Teary Eyed Woman” and “Dog Days”—where Barnes chews and slurs the words until he begins to sound like Adam Durwitz of the Counting Crows. But even sensitive songs can catch fire, as when “Buttons”’s refrain of “I shake, I shake, I can never see, how good young love can be,” blossoms from a confession to a thundering rock chorus. The first half of the record is better than the second, with a good deal of meandering near the end. But it’s hard to resist the crowd-rallying swagger of “The House That We Grew Up In” with its chorus “Oh-oh, let the band play.” Who’s going to stop them anyway?"


01.Сomeback Cadillac
02.Teary-Eyed Woman
03.Altar Girl
04.Hold It, Kid (Your Heart Just Skipped A Beat)
06.Mississippi Rain
07.Dog Days
08.The House That We Grew Up In
09.Wishin' My Week Away
10.Sailor Song
11.The Ballad Of Tonto Higgins

Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop (2008)

"The phenomenal success of his music has taken over many underground and mainstream radio stations in Greece. He participated in the City Campers project with 5 songs, 4 of which became major radio hits. He has performed live in numerous venues all over Greece and was a headliner in European Music Day 2008 and a finalist in Coca-Cola Soundwave 2007. The elements of his music are the key of his success: Simple and beautiful melodies, and words of love! We now present his debut album which includes all of his previous songs (re-recorded and re-mastered) plus a series of new radio hits! The package is completed by 2 killer remixes of the production team of The Flying Silly Brothers (a.k.a. Silly Boy Vs The Flying Lilis Brothers). "
The Sound Of Everything


1 Lollipop (Album Version)
2 Smile
3 Beautiful
4 Soul
5 Missing You
6 Love Story
7 Love Is A Circle (Album Version)
8 Silk (Album Cersion)
9 B.M.F
10 Relaxation (Album Version)
11 Lovers
12 Soul (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)
13 B.M.F. (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)

Karmadeva - Disgrace (2008)

"Spearheaded by the superb vocals of lead singer Jane Stanness. The band create an innovative sound which is both exciting and instantly appreciable. Jane's stage presence is matched by her hauntingly graceful voice and depth is provided by a mixture of subtle guitar licks and a tasteful rhythm section. Through a mixture of P. J. Harvey style vocals, interesting chord progressions and ghostly lead guitar fills, KarmaDeva are a unique band with a powerful sound and an array of eclectic songs with an unusually epic quality."
Decode Magazine


1. Feed Your Soul
2. Disgrace
3. Longing
4. Broken
5. Dark Days
6. Diamond
7. Carry On
8. Forgive Me
9. Sentinent
10. Lilac Park
11. Missing A Skin