novembro 13, 2008

Lodger - Honeymoon is Over (2008)

"Third album by Helsinki quartet Lodger predicts that ”Honeymoon Is Over”. Although the album includes all the elements they’ve become known of: cynical and totally inappropriate lyrics, hard-hitting sense of hit melodies and soundscape combining the best elements of the 20th century it is time for the unfortunate band to leave a number of things behind. Like a bankrupt record label. Like the second album they claim they never recorded. And a keyboard player.(read more)..."


01. Requiem
02. Chemicals
03. Nostalgia
04. Hairdo
05. Recovering Alcholic Visits Musso & Frank
06. So Long
07. I Was Young I Needed The Money
08. Prefontaine
09. Problems With Fat
10. Girlfriend
11. Go

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