novembro 18, 2008

My Name Is George - Black and Blue (2008)

"My Name Is George has only one aim and that is to make you happy... Their debut album, titled WOW!, contains 12 feel-good and make-you-feel-even-better gems in the best rock'n'pop tradition, inspired by forty years of rocknroll history and yet still firmly rooted in the modern world of music. My Name Is George adornes its vintage shake-your-ass rock with sweet background chanting, crazy synth sounds and roaring guitars, which all magically come together to create their typical, powerful sound. This debut album by one of Europes most promising upcoming bands is sure to make some waves and will leave nobody untouched. Bring on the summer... "
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1. Why won't U B my luv?
2. Mary-Jane
3. You're no good
4. It's good to be lonely
5. Radio
6. C'mon c'mon
7. Making the best of a hopeless situation
8. The undertaker
9. (I'm in love with) Emily
10. Flowers (when I'm gone)
11. Honey B
12. Dancing in the fire (Free falling)

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