novembro 25, 2008

The Holidays - When The Ship Goes Down EP (2008)

"In respect to our main aim when starting a band, which was nothing other than to play music we enjoy, we have been pretty successful; we like at least half of the stuff we play. By other parameters I don't know, but we've been lucky enough to tour with some great artists like Jamie T, The Wombats, The View, Ben Kweller and others, and these kind of experiences don't come along every day.
We've just released our second EP, in an effort to continue the success of the first, while we prepare to make our debut album. Things are already happening and styles are emerging that might surprise some and please others, but on the whole I think we're looking good. We've been touring pretty hard lately and hopefully some of you outside the major cities have had a chance to see us. Over the next few months I hope that those who haven't caught our show, do, whether it be at a big festival, or a sweaty little club show near you. We like to think that 9/10 times we can put you in a better mood, why not."
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01.When The Ship Goes Down
03.Take Your Own Advice
04.All The Girls
05.The Comeback

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