novembro 25, 2008

The Little Kicks - EP (2008)

"Despite claiming to be influenced by Radiohead, The Little Kicks still manage to make upbeat disco-rock. Lead singers Steven’s voice does emcompass Thom Yorke’s drawl, but he’s got a bit of Richard Ashcroft and Luke Pritchard to him too. Mixed with Smiths-like melodies it’s pretty fresh-sounding stuff. And their talents don’t end there; after a support slot on the Rakes’ 2006 tour, the Aberdeen boys even found time to run teir own club night, the Dirty Hearts Club, which runs in Aberdeen, every Thursday from 10pm.”


1. Don't Give Up So Easily
2. It All Comes Out In The End
3. Who Do You Love?
4. One More Time
5. One Thing That I Need (Bonus Track)

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