novembro 26, 2008

Zoo Brazil - No Place Like Home (2008)

"Zoo Brazil has been the current nom de studio of Stockholm based DJ and producer Jon Andersson since 2002, joining his previous projects Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars and Outcold. Zoo Brazil follow a deep techno path, with generous nods to trance. Working with partner Johan Emmoth, No Place Like Home follows on from Zoo Brazil Needs You and Video Rockets with another offering of warm hearted, ice cold music. The sleeve, a woman crushed by a mirror ball, signifies the release's intent – you too may soon, ironically or not, be bludgeoned with beats. "
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01. Ten Inch Nails
02. Technik
03. Sputnik
04. Shadow Dance
05. Professional Panda
06. Oh My
07. My Fire
08. Brown
09. Boxed
10. Birds
11. Back to Back
12. Anakonda

Part 1 :
Part 2 :

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