novembro 16, 2008

Team B (Beirut & Arcade Fire) - Team B (2008)

"Several A-listers from Arcade Fire, Beirut and LCD Soundsystem have broken away to form a newfangled offshoot. Dubbed Team B, the band are the new musical endeavour of Arcade Fire trumpeter Kelly Pratt, and also includes fellow Arcade Firer Richard Reed Parry, Beirut’s Jon Natchez and Perri Cloutier, and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney, all of whom make the group seem more than just a little super. "
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1 On My Mind
2 Hang Me
3 Tons of fun
4 Mystery Man
5 No purchase necessary
6 Redd's Opus K607
7 Misma
8 Empty Hallways
9 Life (Remix)
10 Salad Days

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