novembro 14, 2008

The Chap - Mega Breakfast (2008)

"And Mega Breakfast is the Chap's superbly quirky coming-out party, as they've signed to Ghostly International for their first proper release in the States. Their beats, still emaciated and tinny, are beginning to sound less like they're trying to take the piss out of dance music and more like they've given the disco a much-needed tummy-tuck. These wispy shadows of rhythm back tautly packaged effete yarns ostensibly about something, like the silly human cycle of self-improvement and self-praise ("Fun and Interesting") and the tacit fetishism of world music ("Ethnic Instrument", which itself takes a page from the Talking Heads' touristy post-punk afro-funk), but these songs aren't really about anything in particular. If anything, they're un-songs. I suspect von Weiszacker and the gang (most tracks are sing-alongs) could sing about absolutely anything, like a cow shitting in the forest, and it would still be funny, because they'd be poking fun at cow, the forest, the song, and us for caring about any of it.
So this must be what it's like to listen to indie rock made by aristocrats. Actually, check that: It's indie rock made by aristocrat lyricists-- they've worked too hard on music production to deserve claims of holistic silver spoons. No matter what kind of elitist B.S von Weiszacker spews, Mega Breakfast is much too elusive to serve as idly chuckling pop culture satire. As with Ham, violin accompaniments bow in and out of the mix, and even horns lend their swell and fade on the infuriatingly catchy "Fun and Interesting". On their website, the group claims Mega Breakfast to be a "global smash-hit techno/R&B album," but at its core this record is still a lo-fi exercise. Try imagining the dissonant guitar chords of "Caution Me" on the next friggin' J-Timb joint. Try to jam "Surgery" onto the 8-bit Hall & Oates tribute album for which it so desperately yearns. You really can't rely on any tangible connection between Mega Breakfast and real life, except maybe Enon's classic High Society, a companion record of similarly decadent invective."

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  1. They Have A Name
  2. Fun And Interesting
  3. Caution Me
  4. Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
  5. Surgery
  6. Take It IN The Face
  7. Ethnic Instrumental
  8. Proper Rock
  9. The Health Of Nations
  10. Wuss Wuss
  11. I Saw Them

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