novembro 04, 2008

Gray Strawberries - A Metropolitan Passionate Idealist (2008)


"Strongly influenced by Explosions in the sky, Radiohead, Mogwai and Slowdive, Gray Strawberries are a project started in 2006, with their demotape called "Violent skies of May", with post-rock, shoegazer, avant-garde experimental tendences, what nowadays is not a common kind of music in Brazil.
After playing the alternative circuit of São Paulo state, with granted them many compliments, also because of their young age, the band entered studio to record their second album, "A Metropolitan Passionate Idealist", released in July, when also they featured the Amelia..s Magazine, from England, and a compilation by them. Nowadays, after this release, the band is under a renewing and changing process, to get in the road again. "
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01 - Histrionic
02 - Transparent
03 - Frozen
04 - Submerged

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