novembro 17, 2008

Kinski - Down Below It's Chaos (2007)

"I've heard just about everything that Kinski has released to date, and to my ears they've always seemed like one of those groups who is a couple good songs or a couple nice twists and turns from creating something that's stellar. They've been prolific, releasing an average of a full length a year since their debut came out in 2001 and they've put out a split release with the somewhat like-minded Acid Mothers Temple along the way. They've always flirted with some seriously head-tripping spaces on their releases, and for my money their best work is the excellent Airs Above Your Station (their debut for the Sub Pop label)."
Almost Cool (read more)


01. Crybaby Blowout
02. Passwords And Alchohol
03. Dayroom At Narita International
04. Boy, Was I Mad!
05. Argentina Turner
06. Child Had To Catch A Train
07. Plan, Steal, Drive
08. Punching Goodbye Out Front
09. Silent Biker Type

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