novembro 11, 2008

Pen Expers - Babys gone Straight (2008)

"Pen Expers was formed in Gothenburg/Sweden in 2004 by newly-met friends Alexander Arvman and Mikael Romanenko. The quintet as it stands today took shape in the spring of 2007. Ever since, the band has built upon it’s reputation of an aggressivly charming force of a rock band on stages across the country (and beyond as well).

With a mixture of influences from bands such as Joy Division, The Birthday Party and Crime & The City Solution, they’re serving up a set of short, sharp and punchy alternative modern rock tracks with an addictive and catchy pop element thrown in.

The debut album “Bring on the heartache” was released on CD through Fold4 Records in February 2007. The album generated a handful of festival gigs (such as Peace & Love, Storsjöyran, Siesta) the following summer, with which the band caused as much of applause as of confusion. As of spring 2008, the band is about to release their follow-up, Baby's Gone Straight, via I-Ration Records. "
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01. Drinksick
02. Valentine Shirt
03. Switch
04. Walkthrough
05. Icebreaker
06. Misadventure
07. Ephedrine
08. Ether
09. Kelle Marie
10. I Fell In Love With A Girl
11. Seethrough

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