novembro 15, 2008

Computerclub - Before The Walls Came Down (2008)

Outstanding songs. Great voice and music thru pictures! Wow!

"Epileptic strumming and robotic vocals form the essence of computerclub.....these guys clearly have the tunes to be more than waster wannabes"
Mischa Pearlman
The Fly

" I Like The Music On That But What I Think Makes It A Bit Special Is The Vocals, Something Really Quite Poignant About That" - Steve Lamacq's take on Computerclub
Radio 1


1 Glorious
2 Before The Walls Came Down
3 Your Enemy
4 Some Kind Of Love
5 Beat Connection
6 Reykjavik
7 Tremble
8 This Is On Fire
9 Stop
10 Fragile Minds
11 Turn The Lights Out
12 If Only We Both Knew This Is True
13 Electrons And Particles (Bonus Track)

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