novembro 25, 2008

Black Strobe - A Remix Selection (2006)

"The nine Black Strobe remixes coming next will be known to anyone remotely familiar with post-electroclash trends on the current underground house and techno scenes, mostly because their formula is – let’s face it – pretty much always the same. They superimpose their martial and (not-always-subtle) EBM-enhanced beats on top of the original work (the way they abuse Sweet Light’s own delicate ‘Abusator’ is the closest you’ll ever get to the aural equivalent of anal rape) while keeping the pop elements of the vocals and adding a few oscillating bleeps here and there. Smagghe and Rebotini are at their best when they allow the influence of early Warp stuff (think Sweet Exorcist, Forgemasters, even Tricky Disco) to shine through their two-tone melodies and industrial atmospheres: The Rapture’s pulsating ‘Sister Savior’ and David Carretta, The Hacker & Millimetric’s ‘Moscow Reisen’ detonation (French electro’s own self-absorbed ‘We Are the World’) are the most perfectly realized – and efficient – examples of the Black Strobe work ethos. More Mark Bell, less Twiggy Ramirez, then."
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01. Shining Bright Star - Black Strobe, Rebotini, Arnaud
02. Ghost Track - Black Strobe, Schmalbach, Jochen
03. The Biggest Fan - Black Strobe, Martini Bros
04. Sister Savior - Black Strobe, Rapture
05. Something to Do - Black Strobe, Gore, Martin L.
06. Moscow Reisen - Black Strobe, Almato, Martin
07. Like Eating Glass - Black Strobe, Bloc Party
08. Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight - Black Strobe, Arbright, Stuart
09. Keine Lust - Black Strobe, Schnieder, Christop
10. Abusator - Black Strobe

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