novembro 04, 2008

Nightmares On Wax - Trough So...(2008)

"There is a long tradition of music inspired by travel or particular journeys, and when successful these records can themselves transport the listener. With Thought So, George Evelyn (aka EASE, aka Experiental Sample Expert, aka the man behind Nightmares On Wax) writes his chapter in the vast volume of music travelogues with a journey from his Leeds birthplace to the new family home in Ibiza.

Rather than ship his studio equipment by boat, EASE, his band mates and a sound engineer embarked on a road trip, allowing inspiration to come from their surroundings, from the idea of new beginnings and of travel itself. What they created en-route was then further developed at journey's end, with EASE adding distinctly laidback beats and studio gloss."
Francis Jones
Drowned In Sound


1 Intro
2 Da Feelin'
3 195lbs
4 Be There
5 Bringin' It
6 Calling
7 Moretime
8 Pretty Dark
9 Hear In Colour
10 Still Yes
11 Hey Ego

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