novembro 05, 2008

The Holloways - Sinners & Winners EP (2008)

"The Holloways are back with a new EP, Sinners & Winners, which came out on 27th October 2008 on The Orchard records. The EP will be available on download only, but with a very special limited edition run of 500 vinyls available from independent outlets later in the year.The Holloways first album So This Is Great Britain? garnered them a great deal of attention for their perfectly taut guitar-jangling ditties. Fans flocked to sold-out shows up and down the country. Festival favourites, this year saw them hit Get Loaded in the Park and Glastonbury with their gleeful stage performance. So for the infamous second album, the boys trundled off to the famous Sawmills Studio (the birthplace of classic albums from Supergrass, Muse and Oasis)."
Astounding Sounds


01. Sinners & Winners
02. PSB
03. Kill This Day
04. Forever

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