novembro 11, 2008

The Finnlys - Last Of The Old Romantics EP (2008)

"The Finnlys are a four piece band from the massive city of Leeds. They write songs that are so close to the heart, yet a million miles away from the truth. Songs that can lead you step by step through growing up if you will, just take the time to listen.
The bands live shows are where they excell most. Bringing in fans old and new to some of the best venues around. The Finnlys with their laddish mentality and boyish charm are fast becoming a band people want to see... and more importantly hear, listening to a sound that defines youth and love for every moment. "
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1. Listen Up Sweetheart
2. Cant Go Wrong Tonight
3. Typical Man
4. The Morning After
5. Northern Heart. Northern Soul

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