novembro 15, 2008

Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop (2008)

"The phenomenal success of his music has taken over many underground and mainstream radio stations in Greece. He participated in the City Campers project with 5 songs, 4 of which became major radio hits. He has performed live in numerous venues all over Greece and was a headliner in European Music Day 2008 and a finalist in Coca-Cola Soundwave 2007. The elements of his music are the key of his success: Simple and beautiful melodies, and words of love! We now present his debut album which includes all of his previous songs (re-recorded and re-mastered) plus a series of new radio hits! The package is completed by 2 killer remixes of the production team of The Flying Silly Brothers (a.k.a. Silly Boy Vs The Flying Lilis Brothers). "
The Sound Of Everything


1 Lollipop (Album Version)
2 Smile
3 Beautiful
4 Soul
5 Missing You
6 Love Story
7 Love Is A Circle (Album Version)
8 Silk (Album Cersion)
9 B.M.F
10 Relaxation (Album Version)
11 Lovers
12 Soul (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)
13 B.M.F. (The Flying Silly Brothers Remix)

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