novembro 14, 2008

Black Time - Double Negative (2008)

"The point is talent over ability, ideas over proficiency, energy over competence - action...time...and vision. I’m a monk…you’re a monk…we’re all monks!!! Basement dancing and drinking to soul + punk 45s. At some point in the confusion instruments are picked up and the resulting mess plants the seed of the band. Self-released vinyl-only long-player recorded the following weekend has 14 songs of bile and rage. Shambolic but passionate holler and wailin’ at the dying of the red lite. Staring out, being stared out, friction, trouble...hands balled into fists thrust into pockets walking down the street starting at my shoes getting spat on by strangers... occasionally we have rent parties at our dilapidated north London mansion at which we plug in and terrify our friends with improvised covers of Black Sabbath, Black Flag, "Black Is Black, I waaannnttt my ba-beee back" etc etc. Some of us moonlight in other combos like Sexaphone, Blood Safari, Los Raw Gospels and the Subway Slims. We went to Europe a few times in 05 and loved the kids, the sights, the local punk rock and the break from wage-slave drudgery. More vinyl documents of never-ending in-ten-si-ty and travel to far-flung lands in the new year. Save us from getting lost in the London fog."
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1.When The Clock Strikes Twelve
2.Hostile Cosmos
3.Lunar Rhythm
4.The Days Are Too Long And The Nights Are Too Short
5.Scary People
7.Skeleton Factory
8.A Boring Day For The Boredom Boys
9.Six Feet Below
11.Little Death
12.Lunar Eclipse
13.I'm Gonna Haunt You When I'm Gone
15.Blot Out The Sun
16.Backwards In Black

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