novembro 12, 2008

We Are Standard - We Are Standard (2008)

"Produced by Andy Gill of Gang Of Four. (Young Knives, Futureheads, Rumble Strips,etc...) Remix of "The Last Time" Arthur Baker (New Order, Afrika Bambaata, etc...) Mastered by Simon Davey (Chromeo, Amy Winehouse,DJ Shadow,Scissor Sisters, etc...) After 8 months on the hop between London, Madrid and their native Basque Country, We Are Standard’s debut album under their new name, is finally ready for release. Here in the office, we were wondering exactly how come it took so long. So we came up with a list of possible reasons: 1. They really like London 2. Everyone involved has worked as hard as they could to get this record sounding like it should 3. They want to force their record label into bankruptcy. 4. Other Let’s settle on option 2. The idea behind getting Gang of Four’s Andy Gill at the controls, was to give the band a more minimal sound. We figured he’d strip down the recording, take out some instruments, and give the songs space to breathe. We were expecting something like an electro version of Entertainment! What we didn’t expect, but were equally thrilled to find, was a producer and a band testing the limits of studio production. At every stage, the workload has been full on with producer and band dedicating themselves to getting the best possible sound for the definitive dance rock record of 2008. Each kick drum, each backing vocal, every single fucking chime of a cowbell on this record is the result of at least ½ an hour of negotiation. A monumental number of tracks and takes, resulted in 8 months of constant reworking. An early indicator could have been when the drums started getting recorded separately. And we’re not talking about a normal overdub here. We mean, each snare, cymbal, and kick recorded separately for every track, and then put back together in the mix. (It goes without saying that each track has at least 5 different snare sounds) Guitars of every shape and colour, 18 vocal takes for each track, and instructions from the booth along the lines of “A bit more Soul please Deu”, or “Can you do that exactly the same but with 5% less volume”…resulted in brains stretched to the point where they threatened to trickle out of Basque ears. And not just brains but stomachs too. (do you follow?) "
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01. Bye, Bye, Bye
02. The First Girl Who Got A Kiss Without A Please
03. The Last Time
04. Don't Give Up
05. Other Lips, Other Kisses
06. Easy
07. Don't Let The Children Play Around
08. The Last Time (Arthur Baker Remix Extended Version)
09. The Present

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