novembro 21, 2008

CallmeKat - Fall Down (2008)

"next stop is the full-length album, recorded with friend and keyboard wiz Daniel Fridell in his studio in copenhagen. it's called 'fall down'.
it was recorded over quite a bit of time, while falling in love with sounds from beautiful keyboards, ugly keyboards, old bass guitars and drums and whatever else was sitting around the room and in the computer. sometimes a sound wasn't any of those places. then we'd create it. that's more fun anyway. there's a beat made of a noisy chair and pixie noises that are really just the sound of an old very blue organ, artificial mice dancing on the table and playing percussion or other instruments in their own subtle way, and much much more."
Myspace Release


1. Do Your Trick
2. Not Awake
3. My Sea
4. Sweet You
5. When Should We Go
6. Drawn Directly
7. Flower In The Night
8. By The Lake
9. Toxic
10. It Seems
11. Sleepache
12. Fall Down
13. The Lovecats

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