novembro 27, 2008

Shock Cinema - Hell and Highwater (2008)

“Nestled somewhere in between the spitfire art punk of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the quirky Portuguese pop of Os Mutantes, lies Brooklyn start-ups Shock Cinema. The album title is accurate, chainsaw guitar work, eerie synths and cryptic song titles…They’ve got this scratchy fire about them, captured all the best in the all-French cut “Art of Noir,” that careens erratically under your skin, itching to flurry up your most punkish arm flailings. Catch ‘em now, while they’re still angry.”

“Here’s a band headed for big things: Shock Cinema. Their tight, punchy 30-minute EP is one of the most electrifying debuts we’ve heard this year, a blistering mix of punk, power pop, electronica and even a bit of dub.”


1 Leviathan
2 Oddfellow
3 Albatross
4 Wax Wings
5 Atlas Shrugged
6 Mutineers Reconsider
7 Infinity
8 Lone Islands
9 Dead Sea

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