novembro 18, 2008

Bridges and Powerlines - Ghost Types (2008)

"The members of Bridges and Powerlines met in New York City in late 2005. Geographically diverse in their upbringing, they had spent their formative years glued to nineties college radio. Drawing heavily from a set of musical heroes that included Guided by Voices and the wistful Elephant Six Collective, they worked to set themselves apart in the crowded NYC music scene.A debut EP followed shortly, bearing many stylistic references to the post-punk resurgence that gripped New York. Meeting with critical acclaim, the energetic record was described as "an exhilarating racket," (sixeyes) and "a taught example of why [bridges and powerlines] should be added to your list of bands to watch." (
The success of their EP attracted producer Chris Zane, who had helmed recent breakout records by Les Savy Fav, White Rabbits and Asobi Seksu. The band spent much of 2007 writing and recording and further developing their sound. The completed 11-song record is equal parts nineties-style indie-rock, psych-influenced harmony and analog synth intricacy." Myspace Relase "energetic, sharp indie rock songs." Washington Post


1. uncalibrated
2. floods and fields
3. the golden age
4. the thieves they are everywhere
5. half a cent
6. middle child
7. the ghost types
8. new mexico
9. the great fire
10. the maine
11. the last equation

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