novembro 30, 2008

Kamera - Ressurection ( 2007 )

"The first Kamera album contains some great pop gems, but this new album, appropriately named “Resurrection”, is a more evolved effort. And even though you might be forgiven if you think you’re listening to New Order when the opening song starts, it’s a damn fine follow-up.Uptempo, guitar driven radio pop is mixed with synthpop, and Kamera always delivers the catchy. “I Was Made for You”, “Talk About” and the Pet Shop Boys-ish “I’m Gonna Be Your Lover” make up a neat electro pop trio towards the end of the album that fulfills my longing for sweet tunes.
The singles from the debut album got quite a lot of radio play here in Sweden, and I would say that chances are pretty good this time around too. It might be too cheesy for some at times, but hey, we can’t all be tough guys with goggles and army boots."
Release Magazine

"Growing up in the shadows of super-groups like The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode, one can become heavily influenced by a certain type of aesthetic. Fashion, intrigue, and romance become core virtues, and the music is wrapped tightly around a visual style that enhances the experience with a rush of sexual, sensual emotion. For most bands, these are nothing more than fleeting moments in time. KAMERA have captured something different. "If you listen to the radio here in Sweden, you'll hear maybe six or seven bands in the course of an hour that sound like Dexys Midnight Runners," jokes Carl DeLorean, drummer and chief lyricist for Kamera. "That's been trendy for a long time now. It's either about being very indie or very pop, but we're a bit in between." Kamera was formed back in 2000 by DeLorean, singer Joakim Hjelm, and bassist Kit Balance as a dynamic juxtaposition to the vapid Stockholm suburb they all inhabited."
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3Like a Drug

4TV Lights

5Love Surrounds Us


7I Was Made


9I'm Gonna Be Your Lover

10I Lost Control

11Another Sign of Love

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