novembro 27, 2008

The Chinese Stars - Listen To Your Left Brain ( 2007 )

"At only nine tracks long,
Listen To Your Left Brain is wise not to outstay its welcome: this hi-hat-heavy brand of dance-punk has been done almost exponentially to death already, however discordant this outfit’s guitars from time to time. All swaggering hips and dribbling lips, the songs unfold in a thoroughly sticky manner – ‘Bored With This Planet’ is a first-listen highlight, its bass line filthy in the extreme. It’s the sort of song no man alive would be able to resist dirty dancing to." Drowned In Sound ( read more )


1.Drugs and Sunshine
2.Cold Cold Cold
3.Left Brain
4.All My Friends Are Getting High
5.Bored With This Planet
6.Shake Off the Nurse
7.Teeth Marks
8.TV Grows Arms
9.The Drowning

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