novembro 25, 2008

The Heavenly States - Delayer (2008)

"Oaktown’s The Heavenly States may wear their pulsating hearts on their sleeves, but I’ll take earnest power-pop liberalism over bored mall-punk any day. From their self-titled 2003 debut to their recent Black Comet, the bands arch wordplay and jagged composition on tracks like “Pretty Life” and “Borderline” have been as compelling as they have been hilarious. Remember, these left-fielders signed on Hardware Wars creator Ernie Fosselius to direct their video for “Car Wash.” So, yeah, they’re well-versed in the intersection of entertainment and absurdity, political or otherwise. (For more on that score, check out their hilarious Flash short Osama bin Lozenges on YouTube. It’s a riot.) This advertisement of the Heavenly States’ artistic agenda was indeed paid for by the L.A. Weekly. But I would have given it to them for free, if they couldn’t pay."
LA Weekly


01. Morning Exercise
02. The System
03. Lost In The Light
04. Make Up
05. Sun Chase Moon
06. BUtterflies
07. Roses
08. Pretty Life
09. Never Be Alright
10. Pathway Dreams
11. My Little Friend
12. The Race

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