novembro 27, 2008

Boy Kill Boy - The Stars And The Sea (2008)

"For Boy Kill Boy, Stars And The Sea really is their make or break record. Debut album Civilian may have sold well initially, but critical indifference and a lack of quality material at the time seemed to relegate the band to also-ran status before they'd even had chance to check the spikes on their running shoes, let alone leave the starting blocks. Their legacy is not so much forgotten, then, but was never really signed or sealed in the first place."
Drowned In Sound ( read more )


1. Promises
2. No Conversation
3. Be Somebody
4. Loud And Clear
5. Paris
6. A OK
7. Ready To Go
8. Rosie's On Fire
9. Kidda Kidda
10. Pen & Ink
11. Two Souls


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