novembro 01, 2008

Siberian - With Me [2007]

Quarteto americano Indie/Alternative de Seattle. "With Me" é um trabalho maduro e consistente, com influências de Radiohead da fase "Ok Computer"(embora com um pé no acelerador) e guitarras em destaque.

"With Me is a near perfect balance of Indie grassroots and pop melodies."
Alternative Press

"Unlike most debuts, With Me gives listeners more than a few gems to last until the band really figures things out; it is a gem of an album that makes you wonder why many bands take 3-4 records to produce this level of quality. Frontman and co-founder Finn Parnell heads up the songwriting department, in addition to providing equally fiery and emotional falsetto vocals...Siberian confidently marches through lush guitar-driven atmospherics and unique pop compositions that give indie a new dimension."


01. Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls 4:11
02. Paper Birds 4:01
03. Indoor Eyes 4:01
04. Wolf and Crane 4:14
05. Tiny Ships Brave Tiny Seas 4:25
06. Airship 3:29
07. Futuristic Kids 3:24
08. O Orien 4:00
09. Georg Bendemann 1:39
10. Tightropes 4:42
11. Islands Forever 5:21

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