novembro 25, 2008

Alaska in Winter - Holiday (2008)

"After spending half a year in an east Berlin flat, Brandon Bethancourt (AKA Alaska in Winter) awoke one afternoon after a 16 hour-straight dance party from the previous weekend only to discover that there on his computer, was a fully finished, and totally rad new album.
Yes indeed... Brandon has no recollection of how that music got there on his laptop other than vague fragmented late night memories that involve synthesizers, lasers, berliner pils, haus musik, and possibly some singing... but regardless, Brandon pretty much had so much fun, and miraculously, an album came out if it some how... and Brandon's pumped about it... and you should be too!
Alaska in Winter's 2nd album, "Holiday" will be hitting your eardrums like a german techno party subwoofer on November 18th."
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1. We Are Blind and Riding the Merry-Go-Round
2. Berlin
3. Speed Boat to Heaven
4. Highlander pt.1
5. Highlander pt.2
6. Knorrpromenade
7. Streetgang pt. 1
8. Streetgang pt.2
9. Keep Your Boots Clean and Everything You Step on is Dirt
10. Close Your Eyes Remix

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