novembro 10, 2008

CatPeople - What's The Time Mr Wolf?(2008)

Post-punk espanhol altamente influenciado por Joy Division e The Comsat Angels. Tudo isso, com um que de U2 antigo.

"Since the most absolute independence and with professional mentality, CatPeople has settled in the independent music industry with a debut that has placed in the front line and they had served as a springboard to move forward with other musical projects. In addition, the disc has been edited in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, United States and Australia."
Myspace Release

""CatPeople work vocal melodies like nobody else in Spain.
Their music navegates the turbulent waters of post-punk, where
the crude energy and aggressiveness of punk unite with the poetic
sensibility of new waveâ€--s darker ambience, creating soundscapes
of extreme beauty. CatPeople will, without the slightest doubt, be one
of the greats."
Janina Canet
Go Mag


01. Stumble In Vigo
02. In Silence
03. Sister
04. All These Tears
05. Goodbye Angel
06. House Of Love
07. Last Chance 9
08. Coohagen
09. The Golden Swan
10. Looks Like Dogs
11. Bubblegun
12. End Title

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