novembro 16, 2008

Mt Sims- Happily Ever After (2008)

"The dark side of danceable rock is the forte of Californian trio Mt. Sims . With a few club hits under their belts they continue their journey through the dirty alleys of indie rock, having been shown the way by such famous forefathers as the Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie, New Order and The Cure. Happily Ever After comes to you with cheerful tunes like Grave , The Bitten Bite Back and Tightrope . Main man Matt Sims has enough power in the lower register of his vocal capabilities to cast a shadow over his fans. No wonder that he moved to Berlin, a city that evokes death, dance and decadence."


1. Happily Ever After
2. Grave
3. Playing For Keeps
4. Dig It In
5. Love's Revenge
6. Continuations
7. What's The Big Deal?
8. Andy or Jenny
9. The Bitten Bite Back
10. Hotwater/Coldblood
11. Window Window
12. Tightrope

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