dezembro 04, 2008

Bang Bang Eche - Bang Bang Eche (2008)

"The appeal of Bang! Bang! Eche! is not their recorded music, but the live show and ‘scene’ that goes with it. That said, their recently released self-titled EP is a selfaware, raucous synth-rock party, and despite sounding similar to what’s gone before it’s got great potential. Vocalist Zach Doney can carry a song - if not a note - with charm and ease, and their songs build nicely into solid party anthems (“We’ve got a beat and we know how to use it”), even though most of their lyrics rip the shit out of the crowd they appeal to most (“fuck your scene … trashy glamour, fall down the stairs”)".
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1. 4 To The Floor
2. Time Mismanagement
3. Nikee
4. (You And Me) As Thick As Thieves
5. Fingers In The Till

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