dezembro 02, 2008

Chad VanGaalen - Soft Air Plane

It's the albums that require multiple listens that usually yield the most reward. I'm on my tenth rotation of Chad VanGaalen's new album Soft Airplane and while I'd hesitate to say I've completely wrapped my head around the material, I'm going to give this review a (most likely insufficient) attempt. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, VanGaalen is a freakishly talented person. In addition to his impressive work as a musician, he's also a highly regarded illustrator and animator. His explosive creative energy is always at play in his music and on his new album Soft Airplane VanGaalen exhibits that creativity in spades. What makes VanGaalen so unique is his no-boundaries use of instrumentation and sound. He's as adept at penning a banjo-driven folk tune as he is at turning the electro-experimentalism knob to full throttle. Yet somehow all the genre-mixing sounds cohesive."
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1. Willow Tree
2. Bones of Man
3. Cries of the Dead
4. Inside the Molecules
5. Bare Feet on Wet Griptape
6. Phantom Anthills
7. Poisonous Heads
8. TMNT Mask
9. Molten Light
10. Old Man + the Sea
11. City of Electric Light
12. Rabid Bits of Time
13. Frozen Energon

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