dezembro 06, 2008

Kyte - Two Sparks Two Stars EP (2008)

"Kyte are a band from Leicestershire, my home county, and a band I have been following for a year or so now. After a pretty successful mini-album (in the arsty music sphere at least) they are releasing a new EP, often a tricky job.
Despite having kept both an ear and an eye on them in recent times the opening track is a little surprising. ‘Eyes Lose Their Fire’ is a perfect autumnal song. Filled with a wistful happiness, the vocals are whispered as if they were freezing on a cold November air, while musically it evokes images of curling up by a roaring fire with those you hold dear and a hot drink. It’s got a very Sigur Rós feel to it. Thoroughly delightful but not the familiar Kyte.
Second track, ‘Bridges In The Sky’, returns to the Kyte I recognise, electronic twiddles and IDM glichiness creating a broad soundscape, and the remaining couple of tracks on the EP follow suit.
The third number is a cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’, clocking in just shy of six minutes. The bleeps and tings sound like electronic icicles. An interesting take an old classic, the vocals delivered in a hush voice making it quite a chilling experience."
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1. Eyes Lose Their Fire
2. Bridges In The Sky
3. Solsbury Hill
4. Lights Outside Here

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