dezembro 04, 2008

Midnight Resistance - Remote (2008)

O projeto alemão Midnight Resistance iniciou seu trabalho em 2007 através de Nico. Algum tempo depois, juntaram-se a ele Greg e Gorden. A linha musical de "Remote" segue os padrões de Synth-pop 80's, atualizado com os 90's. Soa como uma banda dos 90 tocando Depeche Mode. Parece estranho, mas o resultado final é bacana.

Midnight Resistance ist ein Anfang 2007 von Nico F. gegründetes Musikprojekt welches sich dem Electro-Wave / Synthrock-Genre verschrieben hat. Atmosphärische Sounds treffen auf emotionales Songwriting, melodiös, eingängig, zugleich auch tanzbar und Clubtauglich.
Nico hat schon vorher in diversen Bands gespielt, z.B bei ReActivate (SPR), bevor er beschloß seine eigene Band ins Leben zu rufen und komplett im Bandeigenen „Black-Mirror-Studio“ selbst zu produzieren.
Live und im Studio wird er von Greg (Keyboards, u.a. bei den Infacted-Bands Reaper und Modulate) und dem Gitarristen Gorden unterstützt.
Schon nach kurzer Zeit wurde ein Plattenvertrag mit dem amerikanischen Label „A Different Drum“ unterzeichnet.
Schon nach kurzer Zeit wurde ein Plattenvertrag mit dem amerikanischen Label „A Different Drum“ unterzeichnet.

Das Midnight Resistance Debut-Album „Remote“ ist im August 2008 erschienen und weltweit erhältlich. "
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"Midnight Resistance was formed by Nico in the beginning of the year 2007. As a former member of ReActivate, he was involved in the production and composing on their album “Reactivate your Mind” (Synthetic Product Records). After he has left the band he decided to found a solo-project to realize his musical visions and uses his skills to produce Midnight Resistance on his own. His music merges different styles, electronic soundscapes with a blend of guitars, danceable, atmospheric, paired with emotional songwriting, to create a collection of innovative and unique songs. After a few months he has signed a contract with the U.S.-label “A Different Drum”.Since the end of 2007 MR has got a new live-lineup consisting of Gorden (Guitars) and Greg (Synthesizers).
Now Nico is focusing on writing new songs after the release of his debut-album Remote.
Midnight Resistance will also contribute songs to different compilations and doing remixes and other productions in their Black Mirror-Studio. "
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1. Edge Of Time
2. Recall These Days
3. Second Skin
4. House Of Cards
5. Wide Awake
6. Phoenix
7. A Tear In Every Moment
8. Remote
9. Cold Reading
10. Scars From Falling Down
11. Second Skin (Sidechain-Mix)
12. A Tear In Every Moment (People Theatre-Mix)

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