dezembro 04, 2008

The Windupdeads - The Windupdeads (2008)

Banda sueca que apresenta em seu debut um indie-rock com vertentes pop. Transparecem ao longo de 15 faixas influências de bandas como Snow Patrol, Sude, Kent e algo de Radiohead antes do Kid A. No entanto, a primazia do grupo na construção de melodias realmente pop e refrões emotivos tem mérito e demonstram que o Windupdeads tem potencial para alçar voôs maiores. Bom trabalho!

"The Windupdeads formed in 2007 and released their self-titled debut album in october 2008 by american label One Eleven Records. In Europe the album is released by The Unit. The song Reverse of Shade has recently gained attention through the television series Gossip Girl and The Windupdeads also have two songs placed in the next season of Kyle X/Y. The band will tour Sweden late 2008 and Germany early 2009. UK and US tour will be announced soon. The Windupdeads consist of Rickard Olsén (lead vocals), Petter Ingman (guitar), Jonas Westholm (Bass) and Marcus von Boisman (Drums, backing vocals)."
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1. Intro
2. Options
3. A Few Hours Of Light
4. The End
5. On Your Way Out
6. No Denial (Murderer)
7. Sunblock
8. Wide Open Windows
9. Reverse Of Shade
10. Band Tuning
11. No Actions No Regrets
12. I'll Pay You Back Someday
13. You Can Sleep When You're Dead
14. The Bottom Of Hell
15. Hell

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