dezembro 04, 2008

Mobius Band - Heaven (2007)

O Mobius Band é um trio que surgiu do B
rooklyn e vem a confirmar a teoria sobre a qualidade musical daquela parte específica em Nova Iorque. "Heaven" foi lançado em 2007, mas não foi merecidamente hypado pela imprensa especializada. Parece curioso porque não há como ignorar 10 faixas em que o trio esbanja um indie-rock competente, direto e objetivo. De fato, sutileza e descrição é uma qualidade rara. Mas, bom gosto suficiente para escolher belos timbres e acordes de guitarra sem qualquer deslize em todo album diz algo sobre estes caras. Escute e confirme.

"From Brooklyn, by way of backwoods Massachusetts, Mobius Band deliver an interesting and compelling mash-up of indie-rock and indietronica on their sophomore release, Heaven. This follow-up to their 2005 debut full-length, The Loving Sounds of Static, finds the Mobius Band yes, less ‘static-y’ than before, but also more upbeat. That comes as something of a surprise, considering that in the interval, one member’s father died, and one had his girlfriend run off with another friend. But singer/guitarist Ben Sterling and singer/bassist Peter Sax carried on forward, with the help of drummer Noam Schatz’s ‘circuit bends’ – toy keyboards whose insides have been intentionally short-circuited to create new sounds. Heaven is definitely heavier on the electronic side than on the rock one, sometimes a step or two too heavy, but overall, the mix works quite well."
QRO Magazine ( read more )

"Mobius Band links lattices of guitar with wistful vocals and disorienting electronics."
New York Times

""Tinkly tones are at the center of Mobius Band's synth-rock, evoking music boxes and toy pianos. Yet Heaven, which deserves to be the Brooklyn trio's breakthrough release, isn't limited by dainty timbres. Mobius Band's brand of synth-rock has muscle."
Washington Post

“Sounds like the French Kicks' Trial of the Century melded with a half stoned Julian Casablancas singing for the Postal Service. This is high- experimentalism and the Brooklyn outfit seems hell-bent on tweaking traditionalism...Mobius Band is well on its way."


1 - Hallie
2- Secret Language
3- A Hint of Blood
4- Leave the Keys in the Door
5- Friends Like These
6- Control
7- Tie a Tie
8- Under Sand
9- Black Spot
10- I Am Always Waiting

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