dezembro 04, 2008

HK 119 - Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control (2008)

Electro and Synth...funky!

HK119 is the solo project of Heidi Kilpelainen, a Finnish-born multitalented writer-singer-producer and visual arts graduate of London’s St Martin’s College…as Björk once stated in Q Magazine “the perfect blond woman”. Drawing influence from early David Bowie and Kraftwerk among myriad others, ‘Fast Cheap & Out Of Control’ is a tongue-in-cheek warning of sorts, issued in the common language of pop music and featuring the production talents of Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling of I Monster/All Seeing I and Simon Duffy (Leftfield engineer). The Lucas-inspired name HK119 is itself a product code – an attempt to bring awareness to the contradictions of our society and the increasing alienation of modern man. With this, her second album, she touches upon contemporary themes such as space travel, celebrity culture, cloning, surveillance, global warming, mind control, deviant technology, and other such light hearted issues… However, to dwell too much on these is to miss the point; the resultant product is an album of uncompromising, thought-provoking futuro-pop which pleases and disturbs in equal measure, from the dark but joyous swing of ‘Tropikalia’ and the anxious rumble of ‘What Am I’ to the instantly accessible pop of album opener ‘Mind’ and first single ‘C’est La Vie’. The fact that such heady subjects combine in an album that remains cohesive and enjoyable is testament to Kilpelainen’s talent as a true artist. Striking in attire and fascinated by the concepts of modernism and the possibilities of what can be seen as but a merely trashy medium, HK119 is a wilfully unique star for our far-flung times, and one that demands immediate investigation."
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1. Mind
2. Celeb
3. C'est La Vie
4. Clone
5. Rules & Regulations
6. Liberty
7. Space Pt 1
8. Divine
9. Cryonics
10. Super Bug
11. Tropikalia
12. Health & Safety
13. What Am I
14. Space Pt 2
15. Avaruusasema
16. Night

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