dezembro 04, 2008

Capitol K - Libertania (2008)

"Libertania" é mais um registro absurdamente inovador e mesmo assim familiar produzido pelo insano Kristian Craig Robinson, leia-se Capitol K. Para apenas duas faixas, o estrago é enorme. "Libertania" é uma festa New Wave com barulhos psicodélicos e refrão pop. Já "Go Go Go" é aquele tipo de música arrasa quarteirão.

Kristian Craig Robinson AKA Capitol K is on a quest to find a utopia with-in sound. Sonic tourism, detournement (deviation of course), psycho geographic wandering found sound and Tropical fantasy influence his music which comprises of deft electronics falseto vocals, guitar and tape noises.
Recent years he’s spent much of his time living writing and recording in squats and places soon to be demolished. The recordings collected from this period form his 5th album ‘Notes from life on the wire with a wrecking ball’ out 8th September 2008. For 'Notes From....' Recordings were performed alongside highly skilled Italian Jazz Drummer Vladimiro Carboni and Brazilian guitarist Felipe Pagani, whom he met while playing electronics for Tropicalist act Cibelle touring the world in 2006.
Capitol K has released 5 full length albums in his 9 year music career, Debuting with a 12” e.p on ‘Elf Cut’ (1999). Planet Mu released two groundbreaking electronic albums. His debut, “Sounds Of The Empire” (1999) and “Island Row” (2000) which placed Capitol K at the forefront of the burgeoning electronic scene. XL records saw an even further reaching potential and picked up his re-edited “Island Row” album in 2002, even bagging Jo Whiley’s single of the week on daytime Radio 1 for the track “Pillow”.
Increasing his artistic vision yet further by setting up his own “Faith And Industry” label in 2003. Releasing the first E.P & album by Patrick Wolf and future Capitol K releases 'Happy Happy' 2004 (a most faux album, something of a reaction) and 'Nomad Junk' 2005 a sonic narrative that journeys trough a progressive asian megatropolis, much source material collected from hong kong junk shops and dictaphones while playing gigs in Japan and Taiwan.
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01 - Libertania
02 - Go Go Go

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