outubro 24, 2008

Celestial - Crystal Heights (2008)

Celestial vem da Suécia e trabalha em uma linha de showgaze próxima do dream-pop. "Crystal Heights" é o segundo trabalho do grupo que tem influências que variam desde Björk, New Order e Ride.

Listen: "Crystal Heights", "Love Always Comes To Those Who Waits" and "How Does It Feel?"

"As a pop album, Crystal Heights is solid. It’s what to expect from a Swedish pop artist dabbling in a familiar twee-like sound—starry-eyed vocals and jangle-y guitars. Further influences, not surprisingly, are The Field Mice and Sarah Records, and you can hear it throughout Crystal Heights."


01 Preston Park
02 Warm Against The Cold
03 Forever Whispers Secrets To Me
04 Love Always Comes To Those Who Waits
05 Crystal Heights
06 How Does It Feel?
07 Lonely Boulevard
08 Try To Understand
09 Hope, You Know


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