outubro 26, 2008

Did - Ask U2 EP (2008)

Quarteto italiano post-punk com ecos de eletronica formado por Guido Savini, Giancarlo Maresca, Andrea Tirone e Andrea Prato em Torino. A música é uma junção de elementos já explorados por bandas como Foals, Hot Chip e o lendário Gang Of Four. Apesar de pouco trazer em inovações, "Ask U2" consegue soar fresco.

"When the adjective "derivative" merges with "effective", shaping a kaleidoscopic oxymoron named Did. This Italian band from Turin unexpectedly unmarks on the right of the majority referent (Linea 77 and Subsonica) to cross on the left with what comes out even more significant by Italian motorcity, like the brilliant Disco Drive.This DID's debut predicts that we are faced with a case of plausible and credible floorfiller band, allegedly born to dance and climb the rankings.They wink just to much freaker Disco Drive, !!!, Gang Of Four, Clor, Foals and, of course, Liars, watering a p(f)unk, wave and hard blues education with castings of providential pop from the 80s school, like The Cure afflicted by neuromantic trends and like occasional Wire's hard sounds, not disdaining to mention here and there Battles and Beatles to obtain the final circle's squaring. "
Domenico Mungo

Rumore Magazine (October 2008)


1. Ask U2
2. Crazy Yes
3. Weak G Band Star
4. Genie


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