outubro 27, 2008

Telepathe - Dance Mother (2008)

Eletronica/Indie from Brooklyn.

"Brooklyn banshees with a brand new beat, Telepathe stand out from the NY district’s vacuum of avant-garde. Though the same stifling pursuits of local noiseniks Gang Gang Dance and Effi Briest remain, a realised pop sensibility now stands to the fore, as harmonies and chants call out with blood-curdling brilliance against their lapping tape loops and darting hooks. Years in the making, Dance Mother, the outfit’s debut full-length, waits in the wings, its makers the latest darlings to be produced by TV On The Radio’s industrious Dave Sitek."
Drowned In Sound


01. I Can't Stand it
02. Chrome's on it
03. You Ought to Know
04. The Devil's Trident
05. Standing in Your Line
06. God Is Watching
07. Crimes and Killings


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Dániluuu disse...

Muito bom seu blog amigo, varias bandas que ainda nem ouvi falar, ou seja, tudo novidade pra mim. Ahhhh e gostei do visual do blog também.