outubro 27, 2008

Final Days Society - Noise Passes, Silence Remains (2008)

Final Days Society é um quarteto sueco de post-rock. "Noise Passes, Silence Remains" é seu debut. Instrumentais perfeitos, vocal soberbo. Uma obra-prima.

"Final Days Society is the result of 4 guys from 4 different bands in the southern parts of Sweden joining forces to make music that they love, emotional powerful music."
Myspace Release

"...awesome, powerful and almost catchy...wounderful songs without much words, but with a unbelievable voice..."

"Final Days Society is from Växjö (swe) and is influenced by Sigur Ros and Mogwai. The band was formed as late as last year and after only one demo they got a record deal so things have been hectic for these guys. Considering the influence mentioned before its no point to inform that Final Days Societys music is everything but happy and merry. However it is often beautiful and dreamy, dull if youre not in the mood for it, but otherwise rich in atmosphere and occasionally dramatic. Suwat Khanhs voice is delicate, emotional without exploding and the guy have a appealing voice. Noise Passes, Silence Remains is a very steady album. "
Zero Music Magazine


2.Scalar Fields
3.Violent Red
4.Pain passes, beauty remains
5.Lets go again
6.(the) fire
9.Silence is....


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