outubro 25, 2008

The Smittens - The Coolest Thing About Love (2008)

Indie pop via USA. Extremamete melódico.

"It's likely you already know what the Smittens sound like - and if you don't, I'll just say that they take all the good aspects from classic indiepop (catchy songs and an almost child-like sense of innocence), then magnify them a few times, all the while discarding the amateur stigma usually associated with those bands. And as if that wasn't enough, this is easily their best work to date! Overall, things seem a little more subdued this time around (many of Dana's songs seem to be more melancholic than usual), but there are still plenty of good times to be had in songs like "Half My Heart Beats", "Gumdrops", "Something Sassy" and their ode to popkids around the country, "The Interstate". And no Smittens record would be complete without an activism-themed song; this time we get a jaunty pop song about pop music's lack of effect on world hunger. Sure, there are some particularly silly moments (namely the Bay City Rollers-tinged "It's A Saturday!" that would've fit on that distorted Magnetic Fields record), but the Smittens are still improving with each new release! "


1 The Interstate
2 Half My Heart Beats
3 11:11
4 C’Mon! (When the Grass Grows Tall and Green)
5 Baby, Don’t You Know?
6 Something Sassy
7 Good to Go
8 Magpies and Eccles Cakes
9 One Hundred Roses
10 All the Love in the World
11 It’s a Saturday!
12 H&M (+A)
13 Gumdrops
14 The One for Me


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