outubro 29, 2008

Islands - Arm's Way (2008)

Islands é um sexteto da parte francesa do Canadá."Arm's Way" é uma obra de indie-rock dançante e coesa, atributo raro à lançamentos. A proposta do grupo é adequar alguns instrumentos eruditos, como violinos, à dinâmica da música pop, com foco no indie.

"Islands' new obsession with darkness does, however, make sense. The throughline between all of Thorburn's records (with Islands and the Unicorns) is a lyrical obsession with death in all of its forms-- from the corporal (bones) to the metaphysical (ghosts)-- so it was only a matter of time until his band tried to match its outward sound to the inner themes. Gone are the guest rappers, the acoustic nuevo-country twang, and the sunny Afro-Caribbean flourishes (though there are still a few brief flashes of them, as on chugging rocker "J'aime Vous Voire Quitter", which, two minutes in, implodes into a Bahamian "La Bamba" breakdown). In their place are theatrical string arrangements, layers of silvery, minor-key guitars, and lots of gothy synthesizers."


1.The Arm
2.Pieces of You
3.J'aime Vous Voire Quitter
4.Abominable Snow
6.Kids Don't Know Shit
7.Life In Jail
8.In the Rushes
9.We Swim
10.To a Bond
11.I Feel Evil Creeping In
12.Vertigo (If It's a Crime)


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