outubro 18, 2008

The Morning Light -"(2008)

O Morning Light é um quinteto de Pittsburgh que produz um indie-rock/pop básico, próximo ao estilo de algumas bandas inglesas, tais como Keane, Razorlight e outras americanas (de cunho mais pop), como The Maine. Inúmeros clichês à parte, "The Morning Light" contém alguns singles de potencial: "Done Writing Love Songs" , "Clouds" e "Honest (Apologies Endless)". Poderia ser pior...

"...Shineywater sings about dropping out of society: "Always closer to the land," he croons, "and nobody wants oppression." His lyrics are still ridiculously New Age-y — "Keep the spirit clean and let the high times roll," he sings on "Past a Weatherbeaten Fencepost" — yet his airy vocals are so subsumed within sumptuous drones that it doesn't matter. At 50 minutes, Motion to Rejoin's jams drift off into the ether, but that's their whole charm: Surrender to the flow, and you'll never know where the time went."
Kevin O'Donnell
Rolling Stone


01. Wake Up!
02. Done Writing Love Songs
03. Brand, New, Friends
04. Virginia
05. Clouds
06. Happy-Now
07. Follow Me Home
08. Honest (Apologies Endless)
09. Have You Tonight
10. This Way
11. Movin' Along


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