outubro 19, 2008

The Lucksmiths - First Frost (2008)

Novo album dos australianos do Lucksmiths. "First Frost" apresenta um indie pop comedido
(que marca o trabalho do grupo), sem acessos extremos de felicidade, tampouco melancólico.

Listen: "The Town & The Hills", "The Town & The Hills" e "Up With The Sun".


1. The Town & The Hills
2. Good Light
3. A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)
4. California In Popular Song
5. South-East Coastal Redezvous
6. The National Mitten Registry
7. Day Three of Five
8. Never & Always
9. Lament Of The Chiming Wedgebill
10. How We met
11. Song Of The Umbrella
12. Up With The Sun
13. Pines
14. Who Turned On The Lights?


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