outubro 23, 2008

Rockettothesky - To Sing You Apple Tree (2006)

Rockettothesky é um projeto norueguês de Oslo. Jenny Hval é a vocalista, cabeça pensante e único membro. "To Sing You Apple Tree" é um album que aponta os interesses de Hval em ambient, experimental e Patti Smitt.

"A Cute Lovesong, Please" and "I Stepped On A Toothbrush"


1.You Were In This Wave
2.Barrie For Billy Mackenzie
3.Too Many Emmas
5.An Army Of Flying Dutchmen
6.God Is Underwater
7.A Cute Lovesong, Please
8.They Are Bastards! (We Are Better!)
9.On Cherry Tree Song
10.I Stepped On A Toothbrush
12.Sleeping Spines
13.To Where It Was Sucked Out From
14.A Flock Of Chestshire Cats

Rockettothesky, AKA Jenny Hval, AKA me, is a one-woman band. It is also an invocation of the voices of the dead. What began as a secret project of spontaneous monologues for my dead dog, Inka, slowly became a string of musical recordings of improvised melodies.I read, and I read by reading books and writing at the same time. It makes me a bad reader, but a great dreamer. And so I stitch and dream together other people's words and my own with the freedom of pop music - or perhaps more and more a free-form kind of pop music.

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Hi, the link of this album is not working, please can you send me a mail with this album or a new link to find it? thanks!!!
my mail is lady_lucifia@yahoo.com

Anônimo disse...

hi, the link is not aviable, can you send me to decartbhgs6@yahoo.com.mx some link to download, please, i love this music.